We never get what we want because we long for it too much. So much that it detaches us from the present moment.

And so we live somewhere in the middle. We want so much our best imagination and our dream. We want too much to become the reality that we lose the sight of the reality which we are present and given right now.

Then sure we have to take a lesson.

What lesson would it be?

Oh, sure that we will lose. And terribly lose till we finally open our eyes.

It is so pity that it gives us so much suffering. If we were a bit wiser or a bit stronger in our faith and know that we will get all what we want just sometimes we have to wait. And waiting doesn´t mean hating the present moment. Why should we hate the present or just don´t live it?

Every moment is precious.

The one we dream of is precious but the one we live on now is not less precious at all. Surprisingly. The one we have now is even more precious because we have it now. We live now. It is not granted that we´re gonna be here tomorrow. So don´t lose these precious moments and live each of them.

Even in the difficult times. Don´t lose the current moment.

I have a trick how to stop suffering now from what happened in the past even if the past is yesterday.

I always ask myself: “NOW. Are you now in a danger?”

The answer is always: “No. Right now I am in no danger.”

And so I continue to say myself: “So what´s the matter? Keep calm and enjoy this moment and give it the best you can and take the best of it you can.”

Always ask yourself: “NOW. Am I now in a danger?”