Troubles, fears and negative emotions are the biggest thiefs of our present moment, focus, self-realization and success.
Yet it doesn´t have to be so difficult to overcome them. Let´s be a little bit foxy.

If I know that all the troubles, stress, fears and other negative emotions are products of my mind I can stop producing them. How?
The mind is connected with time. Mind loves to think about the past and judge it, as well as mind loves to fear the future. What the mind doesn´t like is the present moment. Why? Because the present moment is save. There is no drama, no conflict, just pure energy waiting to be used in whatever creative form you choose. Yet instead of this big gift of presence we tend to mingle with our mind about either what happened or what will happen.

Be clever. What has happened you can not change. You can only take lessons and start working on your improvement NOW. Yet if you still keep thinking about your past how can you work on your improvement in the same time?
Maybe you can be doing something (working on pc, working out in a gym) but your mind can be still dealing with the past so you are not HERE focusing on what you do on 100%.

There is a similar situation what it comes to the future. Are you now thinking about future success, strategies, tactics and so on? If now is the time when you speak with your coach and team about strategies and tactics, do it. But if you shall be working on something else and you are still dwelling on these topics….. What results do you expect having from the activity that you are physically performing right now but mentally doing somethings else?

Remember, there is nothing bad with analyzing the past or preparation for the future. In fact we need and must do it. But only in the time we set for these activities. Then it is very useful and productive.
But in the time when you have other activities to do, stop worrying about what happened or what “can” happen.
Be productive. Work for this moment and in this moment and you will see that there will be less and less worries in your life as you are consciously working on your best.