I am reading a book about a group therapy and I found out that therapy is focusing on our mind and analyzes the ways we think.

In this way therapy is endless as endless is our mind. Our mind may always come up with new ideas or thoughts to tackle with and we may go to the therapy again.

Yet I think people don´t need answers to all their questions and our souls don´t ask for anwers neither.

We want to live in peace with ourselves and with people around us and enjoy with love all what we have and build with love all what we want to have.

Pity is that our mind and thoughts many times hold us back or don´t let us do what we want because we have to “fight” with them.

Zen on the other hand or Kingdom of Heaven or Internal peace or however you call it is the answer to our soul.

It deals with the soul and put our mind in peace to make it work for us not against us.

On the other hand I have to admit that therapy is very useful especially when you start your journey to your peace. It is because therapy gives you answers to many important questions that are re-occuring in your mind and you need to work with them.

So use therapy, find a good therapist and don´t forget the real goal – coming to your soul and reunite with yourself.