Every team and individual shall have a goal. In fact, if we look at our everyday life we can see that everything we do has some meaning. It is nature for us to do and plan things with some aim. Speaking in terms of sports or maybe while thinking about your business or work, you shall too have goals. And if you are working in or with a group of people you should have determined what are your goals.

Why goals? It is easy. When we have goals:
– we target our activities to one direction
– we can also identify the steps and things we need to accomplish in order to achieve our goal
– we can define the quality of our work, workout or game. What exact characteristics shall it have? What do we expect from ourselves? What does the coach expect? What is really needed in connection to our goals?
– We can measure how far or near we are to realization of our goals.
– We can measure it from both points of view – quantity (eg. number of points) and quality (definition of our game, eg. aggressive)

How shall our goals look like?

We can set the goals too high but this can have negative impact on our motivation when we are not getting close to them as quickly or easily as we wanted.

We can also set our goals too low and that will not motivate us enough to do and deliver our best. Why? Because subconsciously we know that we can achieve the goals with our average work.

When speaking about goals I like the simple definition Lothar Linz offers.
Set as your goal the best possible result you can believe you are able to achieve.

This will keep you motivated as you know that it is within your possibilities to achieve this thing. But if it is still the best possible result you will be pushed to do your best to really get in the form you must have or on the level necessary for achieving the goal.

And in the end. If it happens that after some time you find out that you have got closer to your goal very fast, don´t be afraid to readjust the goal. Set it higher if needed or put it lower if you feel too much pressure and low motivation.

But have your goals in mind, write them down and place them somewhere in your home or office to have them at your sight every day. This will help you to move forward and keep the motivation flowing.