In the previous article, I was speaking about how to set a reasonable goals that will work for you and help you achieve your best.

Now I decided to speak a little about how I work with my goals. Last year and half I was working on one very specific goal.

I have set the goals right in the first days in very exact terms. At first I needed to fix it into my subconscious because in that time I was quite down emotionally and so I was not able to really believe in achievement of my goal.

For this reason, I decided to write down my goal every day. I was doing it for about 3 months. It was needed for me to really get used to my goal and support my own internal feelings towards its realization. After fixing it I no longer needed and used this writing exercise. I was sure I am able to achieve what I want.

Using visualization

You need to put in work your visualization. Why? Because goals are not connected just with words but are much more connected with feelings. I knew that I needed to change my feelings and especially to get rid of the feeling of fear because I was very afraid to lose again. Therefore I focused on my feelings and logical expression of them every day for about 9 months. Thanks to this work I caught how my mind works and instead of letting it command my feelings and thoughts I learnt how to stop what didn´t serve me and how to put in action thoughts and feelings that I want to experience.

This period was maybe too long but it was needed. 🙂

We can measure our success or failure in two ways:
– Qualitative
– And quantitative
Quality can be judged by our feelings. That´s why I worked on this part a lot.
And quantitave part can be judged when you have determined exactly how your goals look like. I mean exact characteristics of the situation you want.

Having also the quantitative definition of my goal I can measure every day how well am I doing and how fast or slow am I approaching to the final result.

You shall also have some small goals which will show you if you keep the right direction when you are on the way to your big goal. These milestones first helped me to readjust my activity or plan and now they serve me as prove that what I am doing is right.

Because the path to your goal can be sometimes very long it is very important that your goal is something that you love or that it is connected to something that you love. And possibly with something that you love the most. The reason is simple. During the path, there will be moments and situations or your negative feelings that can push you down. Then it can happen that you will start to have doubts about your goal or about your abilities and in the worst cases you can give up. In these moments love is the only force I know that can help you to overcome all these things, get up and move forward. So Love what you Do and love Who you are.

Yet even the difficult moments or loses are important. They will help you grow faster and stronger. And they have also one more thing in common. They make every next obstacle smaller and easier to overcome.

Good luck! 🙂