Here is my new video regarding the wall between the USA and Mexico. Below you can find the transcript. Thank you for watching! 🙂


I don´t think a wall can be a solution. We in Europe have already had a wall here. Do you remember that one in Germany? And was it worth it? Absolutely not. It divided countries and in the end it divided the whole world. In the beginning of 90s we all were celebrating the moment of destruction of the wall.

And just to remind you the USA was a key player in the destruction of our wall. Thank you for it. I think it was a very important moment for all of us.

And what are you going to do now? Are you kidding? You Americans are going to build a wall!

This is really a strange moment. And what is even stranger is that you are willing and going to pay billings of dollars to build the wall. It is not anything cheap. Well, now is the question Mr. Trump and all Americans. Don´t you know any other better way to spend these money (your money) in a better way and in the same time still dealing with your border problem?

What about to educate these people? What about to build schools and cultural programs. Look at us. Look at Europe now. We haven´t solve the problem of immigration but we are dealing with it in a much more constructive ways and with dignity. We are being creative and stay human in all of our solutions.

And you? You are going to build a wall. Look back in the history and you will learn and see that separation produces only separation and hater. Build bridges – cultural and human. Bridges produce connections and happiness. And this is what we all are here for.

If you are going to build only a wall – it is a sign that you are ignorant and have a very low level of creativity.

If you are going to build relationships – congratulation you have already destroyed all walls.