Today I would like to share with you a list of steps that a person undergoes and faces when seeking enlightement.

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0 – Truth You know your truth.

This is your desires that you feel from your heart.

1 – Beginning You are trying to understand why things happen, how they happen.


2 – Understanding You are trying to get answers or to figure the answers to all your questions.


3 – Wider understanding You gradually stop searching for and insisting on getting all the answers. You find out that things tend to repeat over and over again and so the questions repeat as well.


Although it may seem that new answers and new solutions do still emerge, the system starts to be complicated and confusing.


You see that one can easily become confused. It becomes difficult to remember all those solutions and apply them in the right time when a difficult situation appears.

4 – Searching for universal solution Searching for a universal solution or if possible ways to avoid bad emotions and questions swarming in your head.


How to face it all?

And without losing time?

And without getting crazy?


This phase can be quite long and demanding. You try to figure out the right solution that would have made your life easier.


Now is the period of ongoing testing and application of various systems and theories (eg. religions, how-to literature, etc.). But none of these helps, does not make enough sense or does not answer all the questions.

Still lacks an answer, a universal solution.


The last phase of this period is a complete exhaustion, which ends with HOPE.


The phase of hope: when we are exhausted because you have tried everything and nothing more is left.

The hope is, when nothing works, and there is no other way, or a possibility of running out. You have exhausted everything you knew and did everything you could.

You don´t know more and don´t have anything more.


The only thing that is left is your dear life and breath.

5 – Hell This is the period of conquering the most difficult situations and moments with and only with love. Acceptance of all that is happening to you, no matter if that is good and bad, you accept it with love.


Nothing can stay outside, “not accepted” (unprocessed). Why? Because it than becomes a source which creates new issues in particula, and other negative emotions, and there is a danger that “these unprocessed things” will repeat the situations of the points 1, 2, 3, 4th.

6 – Learning You are learning to accept everything with love, including all what you doubt.


When it comes to the things that you want but do not have yet, you’re applying gratitude.


You are no longer suffering, fighting or even stressed.

7 – Gratitude You apply gratitude on everything.


Here starts to work the using of affirmations. “I’m already grateful that everything went well.”

At this stage, affirmations finally start to work, because you know that everything is made out of love, everything is love and you can have anything you wish.


You start to wonder who are you “I am…”

What am I?

Who am I?


By some time you will find out that you are: love, perfect health, unity, purity, mercy, compassion.

Eventually you come to the statement: I am this.
(Words of Jesus, when he was about to identify himself. He identified himself with God (this – is without gender, it is nor male or female).

8 – Fight It is not enough that you know that you are love and you use love for everything.

From the world you are still being attacked by fear, mistrust, bad feelings, negative experiences of others, negative situations, your own thoughts, feelings, questions, etc.


This point is very important. It’s about to don´t give up and not to fall back again!
It is necessary to persevere, and everything, absolutely everything, literally “eat” and process with love, no matter what it costs, no matter how bad the future looks like, and even in cases when you see no future at all.

It is important to don´t give up and to keep taking everything and every situation with all your love.

9 – Application, mind is working Once you already have made your worst and hardest fights with fear and love, then you will slowly calm down and start to live this new philosophy of living and apply it to everything that is going on and all the people with whom you come into contact.
10 – Verifying But still you don´t have it somehow verified that love is the universal solution that you had been looking for.

If you look around, you will find that nobody actually lives this way. People are afraid, arguing, worrying, feeling stressed. Anybody does not solve everything with compassion, love and gratitude.


Even the most positive people have their bad days or fears.
But at this point you know that you do not have to have anything like that. You don´t need any fear and you don´t want it again.
You know that living in fear or even experiencing fear is foolish and the illusion of this society.
You understood how the world is, you understood that you live in paradise, where there is enough of everything for everyone.

However most people do not know about it.


11 – Proofs After some time you will find evidence that you’re right and your new theory and a way of living in absolute love is the correct and only possible.
You know you’re well balanced and that you can do everything. 
12 – Living in the present moment Now you live in the present moment nor in the future or in the past.
You enjoy still more and more and more deeply he beauty that you are experiencing at any given moment.You are no longer in hurry you don´t have to be anywhere. You know who you are. Nothing you can lose. Everything you do you do calmly, slowly and with love.
You enjoy the process. You do not expect the result. You know that all you want, you always get.
You know that, in fact you don´t have to do anything.
Just be the love that you are, you’ve always been and will be.


Slowly the love in you is growing and it is possible that you come to realize that you are all that love. You identify with it absolutely. Then you discover that you are God. You will find that you are the same. You are one.

13 – Time of big self-love You feel great love towards yourself and to your body.


14 – Illusion Finding that everything is an illusion.

You can tell yourself that something you can do and make it and you can also tell yourself that something you can´t make.

But then you divide things and you limit your own self and it is an illusion. Why you would be able to achieve one thing and not the other?


The conclusion is:
Every thought is an illusion. (That are why Zen and Buddhism and trying to remove the mind.) – but even remind the mind is not needed and even working. You can not remove something that is your part. Remember you can only accept it with love and be one with it.


15 – Loneliness Period of loneliness, sadness and unknown.

If every thought is an illusion, then what are you doing here and how shall you understand everything?

You will find that in fact nothing has such a sense that people give attribute to it. It’s a blend of illusions, which either you believe or not. And from then alone you are creating your own illusion.


16 – Blending You find out that actually you don´t have to live in any illusion.
Illusion occurs when you do not believe you can have exactly what your heart desires.At this stage, you’ll find that if you’re doing at any given moment exactly what your heart tells you (intuition, a sixth sense, inner voice of the soul) then you don´t have to take care or worry about anything else.
You do not have to deal with any ideas to create another illusion.



Do only what pleases you now (at this stage everything what happens pleases you because you understand that everything what happens is for your best and so you enjoy it all) and do it as best as you can. And do not worry about anything else. There’s nothing you could not get or realize.
All your wishes are met in advance.
Your only job is to enjoy and enjoy the journey.
You don´t have to be afraid or worry about anything. There is no need of illusions that would limit or restrict you.


Enjoy it!


At this point you become one spirit – one mind – one body. There is no difference between what your spirit wants and your mind wants. Your mind loves your spirit wishes and they act like one.

17 – You are whole Every and each of your steps are controlled. You live mindfully and you live consciously.


In fact you don´t need to use much of your mind because you know why the things are happening and you love the process. You are entirely in peace with everything.

You love the life and you understand your relationship to and with God.

You start to live in the kingdom of heaven right here.