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My grandfather is going to have a short heart operation. Well, all my family is preoccupied with worries about what can happen? He is very afraid and my gradmother as well. We dicussed it today on our “family meeting” and I saw that people don´t like hospitals, they are afraid of illness and most of all they are sure “they don´t know how things can go”. Then they are afraid.

I felt like a stranger there. I was sorry on one hand that they don´t understand how the things function and on the other hand I was sorry for the fact I was unable to explain them and tell them the truth because I saw that even if I tell them the truth they will never believe it.

At last I decided to write it here.


The truth is that behind everything is love. If I know it and I can rely on it. And what does it mean? I never have to fear anything. A heart operation? Well, no bad emotions. I am not afraid. What could happen? If I survive I will spend more time with my loved ones here. If I am become “dead”. Well, I will just go back to the endless love and rejoice it again. I don´t know what people still don´t get. There have been endless proofs, evidence and NDE (near death experience) of people what where closed to death or even died and them came back just to proof us that on the other shore there is only huge love.

So what are you still being afraid of?


Do you know how the illness is created? I am sure if people knew how they become ill what the illness really is they may not fear it so much or even at all.

According to my experience and observation what we know and understand we have no reason to be afraid of.

Illness – it is state that we, people can create just by our own thoughts. And if we change our thoughts the illness will go as easily as it appeared.

Your illness is just a consequence of your believes and thoughts. So don´t we afraid!!! Just change what you believe in and what you think about – usually the biggest creator of illness are our thoughts about ourselves and our abilites.

What do you think about yourself? What do you think you are capable of?

I will tell you a secret – everything your heart wishes to have or achieve  – YOU ARE CAPABLE OF!

But just because you belive the opposite – you think that you are not worth it, you are not pretty, you are not clever enough, talented enough, you don´t have enough money, you are where you don´t want to be etc. etc.

This kind of thoughts and thinking is what really makes you ill. If you keep thinking this way for some time, moths or even years, then they will manifest on you physical body in the form of illness.

If you want to stay healthy or recover go to your dreams again, think about them and start to go after them. Your energy is made to take you where you always wanted to be. If you misuse your energy and pump it to your doubts then don´t be surprised if you become ill or unhappy.